Fair Royalty

2017 Adams County Fair Queen, Jennifer Ann D'Epagnier

Jennifer Ann is the 18-year-old daughter of Mike and Ann D'Epagnier of Brighton. She is currently a senior at Peak to Peak Charter School and plans to attend the University of Wyoming in the fall.  She is a nine-year member of the Good Luck 4-H Club, and her hobbies include riding and showing horses with her sisters, community theatre, watching her brother play football, spending time with her family and friends, and writing her own novels. In the future she plans to publish her first book, continue to compete in horse shows, and later run for Miss Rodeo Colorado.

As someone who has been attending the Adams County Fair since she was a young girl, she believes that no summer is complete without a trip to the fair. Jennifer Ann invites you to join her this summer at the Adams County Fair to make some amazing memories, partake in new experiences, and create unforgettable stories.

2017 Adams County Fair Lady-in-Waiting, Lindsey Burleson

Lindsey is the 16-year-old daughter of Brady and Terri Burleson of Brighton. She is currently a junior at Horizon High School where she is enrolled in the Soar Program.  Lindsey's hobbies include going camping, spending time with her friends and family, participating in young life, going to church, and of course, riding and training her horse, Maxine.  She is a member of the Dusty Boots 4-H club and has enjoyed competing in many horse shows throughout her summers. She would eventually like to attend Colorado State University where she will study equine sciences.

Attending the Adams County Fair is one of Lindsey's favorite events of the summer. As an Adams County native, she is excited to promote the fair and all of the wonderful activities surrounding it.


Jennifer Ann and Lindsey are proudly sponsored by:

Royalty Program Clinic

The Adams County Fair Royalty Program Clinic will be held this fall at the Regional Park Complex on Saturday, September 9th. For more information on attending this event, please call Mary Willis at 303.637.8002.

If you plan to compete for the 2018 title of Adams County Fair Lady-in-Waiting, this royalty clinic is mandatory. The 2018 competition will be held  at the Regional Park Complex on Saturday, September 30th.

Past Fair Royalty

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  • 1950 Chloe Widen Baugh
  • 1951 Gretchen Gilbert Wilson
  • 1952 Betty Williams
  • 1953 Yulene Banek
  • 1954 Carma Jesiop Hale
  • 1955 Ella Masters
  • 1956 Sandy Crosby Davidson
  • 1957 Bonnie Aschenbrenner Kanouse
  • 1958 Revae Milligan - Miss Rodeo Colorado 1958
  • 1959 Diane Newell


  • 1960 Phillis Guthrie Webb
  • 1961 Rosemary "Cookie" Larson - Miss Rodeo Colorado 1961 
  • 1962 Sandy Schwab Purdy
  • 1963 Pat Strole
  • 1964 Annette Carrvin Bowers
  • 1965 Teri Reither Watson
  • 1966 Janice Schwabb Miles
  • 1967 Paula Klaumann Jones
  • 1968 Georgia Dowd Haller
  • 1969 Marilynne "Lynne" Hokr Redman


  • 1970 Jodi Russell Pfersh
  • 1971 Janet Snidow Jackson
  • 1972 Linda Carter Larson
  • 1973 Marla Myers Zuch
  • 1974 Nancy Coufal Elrod
  • 1975 Barbara Seitz Williams - 1978 Miss Rodeo Colorado 
  • 1976 Pam Armstrong Whitlock
  • 1977 Teri Bohlander Griffith Parkos
  • 1978 Debbie Pech Ritch - 1979 Miss Rodeo Colorado
  • 1979 Jeri Cooper Hass


  • 1980 Nancy Nott Bunjes - also the mother of the 2006 Queen
  • 1981 Susan Berger Farner
  • 1982 Margaret Keehn
  • 1983 Penny Constable Anderson
  • 1984 Sandie Chaney
  • 1985 Duetta Allart
  • 1988 Kelly Field
  • 1989 Kim Kling Daley


  • 1990 Heidi Carmack
  • 1991 Colette Wilbanks Stoudt
  • 1992 Tara Rumsey Weber
  • 1993 Kelli Mohan Metz
  • 1994 Sara Hermosillo Hitner
  • 1995 Jodi Miller Stonner


  • 2002 Amanda Milton
  • 2003 Stacie Toft
  • 2004 Bronwyn Schindler
  • 2005 Alyse Scebbi Fieldgrove
  • 2006 Alyssa Bunjes Baker - the daughter of the 1980 queen
  • 2007 Chelyn Heideman Hart
  • 2008 Sadie Sayler Nelson
  • 2009 Randi Rae Fishler


  • 2010 Sydnie Rask
  • 2011 Courtney Cox
  • 2012 Danielle McCormick
  • 2013 Alexandra Nelms Holyoak
  • 2014 Savanna Hamilton
  • 2015 Lindsey Irby Bakes
  • 2016 Aviendha Anemaet